Terenure Picture Framing provides clients with a comprehensive selection of museum grade glass which is designed to protect pieces against harmful UV rays and other environmental pollutants.
We provide four different types of glass. Our professional framer is available to advise clients on the right type of glass for their unique piece.
We provide invisible non-reflective glass that while protecting the framed piece, also enhances the overall presentation of the artefact or art piece.
When you need the peace of mind of knowing a piece is protected, while still being able to enjoy the artefact or art in all its splendour, have our expert framer suggest the right glass for your piece's requirements.

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Our Picture Frame Glass

We provide four different types of high-quality museum grade glass including:

  • Tru Vue

  • UV

  • Conservation Clear

  • Museum Glass

These types of glass are designed to help art pieces, photographs or artefacts retain their original colour. Traditional glass offers little UV protection and as such colours begin to fade or the imagery gets bleached.
With our high-quality museum grade glass, imagery is protected against all harmful environmental factors.

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