Conservation Framing

Terenure Picture Framing provides clients with the very best in professional conservation framing. This speciality service is designed to offer unrivalled protection to sensitive or fragile art pieces.
All materials used are 100% acid-free and we guarantee that all pieces framed by us will be protected forever.
Our innovative service means we pay just as much attention to the back of the piece as the front. We use gentle adhesives that have been engineered not to damage even the most sensitive of pieces, whilst at the same time making sure the piece is completely secured.
On the front of the frame, we utilise museum grade glass that blocks 92% of UV rays, whilst at the same time, still allowing the piece to be admired.

For more information on our conservation framing service, get in contact with us.

Benefits Of Conservation Framing

Materials like paper are extremely sensitive to their environment. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and dampness can adversely affect paper leading to irreversible damage to art pieces and priceless historical documents.
Paper is also sensitive to the acidic quality of any material it is in contact with, such as backboards and adhesive tape.
Mouth burns, fading, pigment darkening and foxing are all examples of adhesive damage.
Terenure Picture Framing uses contemporary, 100% acid-free backboards and mounting adhesive to ensure that even the most sensitive pieces aren't damaged. Our frames and glass are also customed to ensure that the piece is kept in pristine condition.

Don’t take a chance with your valuable pieces, have them mounted and framed by the conservation experts at Terenure Picture Framing today.